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The Original Oval Bumper Sticker Magnet - 4" x 6"

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The Original oval-shaped "blank" Bumper Sticker Magnet that you use as a magnetic backing for an oval sticker you already have. This is a high quality, white-face blank magnet material sized to be the backing for an oval-shaped bumper sticker decal up to 4" x 6" that you already have. Place your sticker on this magnet, then place the magnet on your car. The 4" x 6" Oval Bumper Sticker Magnet is great for oval shaped honor student stickers, campaign political stickers and team stickers. Simply apply your bumper sticker to the magnet, trim to size with scissors and attach the magnet to your car or whiteboard at work. These magnet blanks also lend themselves well to a little DIY. Use a permanent marker or a smart cutting machine to make a sticker of your own design to personalize your magnet. Easy on - easy off. Clever, huh? With the Oval Bumper Sticker Magnet you will never again have to permanently attach a bumper sticker to your vehicle! We also carry a rectangular 4" x 12" blank white magnet as well - see the link below.

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