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Magnetic Daisies - Warm White - Set of 4 (2 - 4.5" and 2 - 9")

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Are those wild daisies sprouting on your car or garage door? Classic warm white petals with a sunshine yellow middle on an indoor/outdoor magnetic backing.
Packaged as a set of 4 ready-to-bloom magnets. Two large 4.5" and two extra large 9" retro daisies. The petals are a cream color soft white to offer slight contrast on white or very light color vehicles. These flower magnets are special because the die cuts are deeper and more intricate than most daisy magnets, creating a longer petal and nice visual effect.

Adheres and contours to most metallic surfaces, including the whiteboard at work or the fridge. UV coating for colorfast outdoor protection on these 30 mil. thick vinyl magnets.

Fade Tip: The sun will fade the colors on these magnets, due to their large surface area and the power of the sun to whiten things, even with UV coatings. When used occasionally the colors may stay vibrant for years; if left in the sun every day you could notice some color fade within weeks. If it is just too much fun to leave them on all the time, just plan to replace them eventually if you want "like new" colors again.

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