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LoopKit 10-pack Accessory Kit Key Chain for Rubber Wristbands

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Turn any wristband in our store into a key chain or strap with a split ring loop, with this LoopKit 10-pack This LoopKit™ 10-Pack Accessory Kit for Supportstore wristbands contains ten individually zip-bagged sets of hardware that convert ten regular Supportstore wristbands into straps with a split ring at one end as shown above. This Accessory kit does not include any wristbands - the pink wristband is just an example. Find the wristbands separately - which should be easy to do in this store! Each bag contains two metal D rings that slip over the wristband to form a loop at one end, and one split O ring to slip over the end of the band. Example purchase: The LoopKit 10-Pack Accessory Kit converts up to 10 wristbands. Put the number of wristbands you want into your shopping cart, if less than ten, then order just one LoopKit 10-pack Accessory Kit. If you order 100 wristbands, for example, then order 10 LoopKit 10-Pack Accessory Kits for 100 sets of hardware. We don't offer quantities smaller than a 10-pack at this time. We do offer one model of wristband, our pink wristband shown below, already prepackaged with a loop kit, available in any quantity. This is a SupportStore designed item, only available here. LoopKit is a trademark of ZapTel Corporation

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