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Skin Cancer Prevention UV Color Changing Wristband - Adult 8"

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Skin cancer often has its roots in too much sun exposure. Use these fun, simple color changing UV wristbands to remind everyone to protect themselves from over exposure to the sun.

New from SupportStore! Wear this wristband out into the sun and it quickly, "magically" changes color from soft white to purple. The color change and the message If purple - PROTECT - Prevent Skin Cancer is a reminder to the wearer that when purple you are exposed to strong UV rays.

Steps to protect might include
  • sun screen lotion
  • a wide brimmed hat
  • clothing that covers more of your skin
  • staying in the shade
  • going inside
This SupportStore designed wristband is made of UV sensitive 100% silicon rubber, so you can wear it on the beach or in the pool. The color change effect will last for many months, if you keep your wristband out of the sun when not being worn.

The "Purple - PROTECT" wristband comes in both adult and youth sizes, and is individually bagged. Buy them for your family, or skin care clinics and dermatologists may make them available to clients as a reminder. Order 3,000 or more and customize this product.

Enjoy the outdoors, but please be sun smart!

Use and Care
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