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Sun Cloths UV Protection for Car - Pink

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If you have had skin cancer, or know someone who has, then you need one of these to shield the driver's window side arm and neck from extended exposure to the sun.

Have you ever noticed how much sun you get on your left arm when in your car? That sun exposure can sneak up on you because you aren't thinking about it. Some studies show a higher incidence of skin cancer on the left arm, with time in the car being one culprit.

This new pink fabric SunCloth is simple to attach to the seat belt, and simple to deploy, so it'll be used every time without really having to think about it. Besides the pink fashion statement, this also is the breast cancer awareness color.

It's just the right amount of material in the right place to serve an important purpose in your vehicle. Try one today. Comes in grey and a tropical pink fabric choice.

Protect your family and yourself from the harmful effects of the sun's UVB and UVA rays. Also perfect for truck drivers, bus drivers, taxi cab drivers or just a daily commuter. Of course you could use one on the passenger side too or in the back seat as needed.

Our friendly fashion model will demonstrate for you:

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