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Support for Ukraine

The weeks following February 24, 2022, left millions of people with the same question: How do I support Ukraine?

Many are wearing the colors of the Ukrainian flag: yellow and blue. Wearing blue and yellow items is obviously not going to change anything, but the conversations that come from them can. Wearing a blue and yellow wristband, charm bracelet, or ribbon is a simple way to start conversations among your family, friends, and others that you see on a day to day basis. Social media can be a powerful tool, but nothing is more powerful than in-person interactions. Share about where you donated, who you have talked to, how you have started dinner table conversations. Ask them if they have considered taking a step to support Ukraine. You may be surprised by the exponential impact of simply starting conversations as a means of change. Donate to highly-rated charities on the ground in Ukraine. Find them on the Charity Navigator website. Even a small donation can mean a lot in supporting refugees, getting medical care, and other needs of Ukrainians.

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